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D&G Wholesale specializes in supplying genuine military surplus from all over the world.

Established in 1985, D&G Wholesale has grown rapidly and became a majour player in supplying Military tents to governments (Especially the US Gov.) Institutes, private companies worldwide, as well as Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Emergency Responders, Hospitals and various Federal and Municipal governmental agencies.

Since 2002 D&G Wholesale is selling online military products to individuals through its websites and store.  

Why buy from D&G Wholesale
One of the key advantages that D&G Wholesale shares with its clients is its competitive prices and inventory variety. D&G Wholesale is doing efforts to make Militaria items from all over the world accessible to the General public. 
We can afford these prices because we purchase directly from the source. We purchase our products from U.S. manufacturers and U.S government agencies. We also buy directly from Europe and carry European military surplus.
Many years of good business relations with military agencies worldwide made us able to maintain those prices and still supply prime quality of G.I. (Government Issued) products

D&G Wholesale is a subsidiary of D&G Wholesale with more than 3,000 customers worldwide and all over the U.S., including California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Texas and many other state. Our warehouses of 40,000 sq. ft. are always filled with stock and our capable staff is always ready to assist in a fast and efficient manner.

Our Services

We can supply Disaster Relief Shelters, Tents for Military Workshop, Recreational Camps, Research Camps, Barrack & Military Housing, Shelter, Buildings, Tents, and Temporary Buildings for Government use.

Our Vision

To maintain our dominant international position in the military surplus commodity and to be recognized as a commodity leader in everything we do.

To mantain our role as significant player in supporting Emergency relief organizations world wide in their effort to assist areas effected by disasters. 

Maintaining  Military products  accessible to the general publics which enjoys the excellent qualities of the Military product.



We believe in Customer service

- Is one of the most important ingredients in our marketing. We know that the loyalty of our customers depends on the quality of service we give.

The workplace is usually a key for growing and becoming a vibrant entity. Meeting our deadlines consistently, understanding the needs of our clients, and being able to advise and consult them is our goal with small, as well with big customers.

Honesty and Ethics
We treat our customers and each other—fairly and honestly. We take our commitments seriously and do what we say we are going to do. Without this, nothing else matters because people want to do business with those they trust.

At D&G Wholesale we constantly are striving to exceed your expectation. That is why we are committed to excellence in management, to innovation and quality control, to organizational ethics, and to an unyielding focus on the customer.

Our policy is to buy high quality products. We are third party distributure and we don't have any liability for any item.

D&G Wholesale is a leading company supplying uniform and accessories nationwide.
We sell to institutes, corporations, security companies and private entities. D&G Wholesale has more then 3,000 customers worldwide. Beside our web sales, we have a large warehouse of more than 30.000 sq. ft.
E-mail - dana@dgwhl.com
For questions regarding your orders we kindly request to write us via e-mail we promise to reply you back ASAP.
D&G Wholesale is a leading U.S. supplier of 
Military Tents, Military Surplus, Military Clothing, Army Tents, Gas Masks, Combat Boots, Army Surplus, Camouflage Clothing, Military Gear, Army Boots and Military Boots. D&G Wholesale supplies to Governments, Institutes and to Private Companies worldwide, including the U.S. and Israel.

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