Israeli Civilian Gas Mask with Nato Filter and Hydration Canteen New

SKU GM50025
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The Israeli gas mask with NATO filter and hydration canteen is a lightweight protective covering that is specially designed for extended use with superior fit, comfort, and easy fluid intake ability. This protective respirator incorporates a uniquely designed NATO filter that properly operates with a peripheral sealing lip that is supposed to provide protection. This Israeli gas mask intends to provide protection for your face, eyes, and respiratory system against harmful toxins while the impact resistant goggles allow you to see.This protective respiratory system is designed for mature users and is intended for civilian use. The Israeli gas mask comes equipped with a 40mm sealed NATO standard filter that directly purifies the users oxygen for safe and effortless breathing. In addition to the superior NATO filter the Israeli gas mask also comes with a top quality hydration canteen. This specially made hydration canteen makes it possible for users to drink without having to remove the protective mask or risk exposing the contents of the canteen to toxic airborne pollutants. The hydration canteen allows access for a drinking tube that can be held vertically with the cap down, so water flows smoothly through the protective respiratory tube. The user would then blow air through the drinking tube to re-establish pressure into the canteen, this allows the users to continue drinking without any contaminated interference.

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