Base X Tent Model 203 14X15 feet

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The HDT Base-X® Model 203 is a mid-sized shelter with a clear span of 14’ and 4 entry and egress points that will house 8-10 personnel. It is also ideal for mid-sized Command and Control (C2), medical, communication, logistics operations, and private offices.

The HDT Base-X Model 203 is a mid-sized
shelter with a clear span of 14 feet (4.27 m)
and an area of 210 square feet (19.5 m2).
The shelter has four entry and egress points
and four windows. It is ideal as a command
center or for medical, communication, and
logistics operations.
Base-X shelters implement a patented
folding frame design and a dual-layer
system which makes deployment fast
and easy. The system is contained in
two durable bags easily hand-carried.
Package one contains a PVC-coated outer
cover attached to the articulating frame,
and package two contains the inner liner.
This dual layer system provides an
inherent insulation and an energy efficiency
advantage through the thermal barrier
created by the enclosed air gap between
the outer cover and the inner liner.

All the Military tents for sale on this website are carefully inspected and prepared to be 100% serviceable. The Army Tents condition varies and are priced according their condition factor.


Total Shelter Weight 286 lbs 130 kg


Time 6-12 min

Personnel 2 each

Base x tent

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