Field Hospitals

Field Hospitals
RDD USA offers a complete customized field hospital including the relevant tents and containers and all the medical equipment, pharmaceutical supplies and the relevant furniture.

The Field Hospital will be customized to the customer needs.
The customer can be a construction company, a mine operating company, a disaster relief organization and others.
The basic hospital will include:

a. Basic departments being Reception, Renunciation Ward, Anesthesia Ward, Operation Ward. b. Basic devices including x-ray apparatus, laboratory, pharmacy and therapy. c. Tents, containers, beds, blankets, tables, cabinets and other furniture. d. Generator and air conditioning system.

The following is a more detailed option for a Field Hospital we can put together, but if you the customer would like to change this configuration, according to your needs and budget, you can do so.

Our expert team which includes medical engineers and technicians can assemble the Field Hospital at your location and make sure that functions.
An example of a Field Hospital.

1) Male theatre (infirmary)
Air conditioned modular tent w/lights
12 medical beds
12, medical head sets
12 medical cabinets
2) Female theater (Infirmary)
Air conditioned modular tents w/lights
5 medical beds
5 medical head sets
5 medical cabinets
3) Operation room
Two special custom 40 ft. container (non rusted)
Operation table
Non shadow lights
Anti static electricity
Anastasia machine
Monitor sys (heart, blood pressure, etc.)
2 trolleys of drugs
4) Exam room
Modular lighted air conditioned tent
Ear, Nose, Throat set
Monitor & blood pressure
Pulse ox meter
Table set
5) Ambulatory room
Modular lighted air conditioned tent
1 bed
1 ambo kit
1 Ventilation system
6) Orthopedic Exam Room
Modular lighted air conditioned tent
A Table
A kit for operations
7) Modular tent, air conditioned and lighted
3 Units of intensive care containing:
Monitor Defibrillator
Exam table
Ambo set
2 Operative sets
1 drug trolley
1 Monitor
1 Pulls ox meter
8) Modular air conditioned lighted tent
Desk & chairs
Desk top computer including the relevant software
9) Modular air conditioned lighted tent
Desk top computer with relevant software
5 waiting stools
10) Modular air conditioned lighted tent
1 Table
12 chirurgic stools sets
1 Laptop with relevant software
11) PHARMACY: in a custom air conditioned useless container includes
All medicine
(Such as antibiotics, IV medicine, vaccinations, anti allergenic, etc.)
In a special air-conditioned non rusting container, making all
Laundry including bacterial functions 13) STERILIZATION ROOM: In a special air-conditioned non rusting
Container, including setups before and after operations
14) LABORATORY ROOM: In a special air conditioned non rusting
Container (analyze blood, urine, gas, contaminations, etc.)
15) A generator of 70 KVA
16) Air conditioning system

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