Five (5) Original Gas Mask Nbc Filters

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These 40mm original gas mask filters directly purifies the gas mask users breathing air. The Type 80 filter canister was developed for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to provide protection against numerous nuclear, biological, and agents. The Type 80 is a robust durable canister is designed for mature users and intended for civilian use. These 40mm sealed NATO standard gas mask filters are specially designed for comfort and extended use at a minimal physiological load. Its design assures optimal performance complying with all IDF specifications as well as the performance requirements of the American Army C2 filter canister. These original gas mask filters are compatible with other protective gear such as the M-15 face-mask or the Israeli gas mask to even other protective respiratory gear such as an air supply unit or hydration canteen. These filters are top quality air circulating systems that safely and securely avoid exposure to highly toxic and contaminated pollutants. These original filters are supplied with a standard Nato threads (40 mm x 1/7”) and is thus compatible with almost all chemical and biological protective respirators. These Type 80 filters are sealed with leak-proof plastic caps exceeding a shelf life exceeding 15 years.

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