Gas Mask Air Supply Unit

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The gas mask air supply unit is a compact and reliable respiratory system that maintains positive pressure within all civilian chemical and biological protective systems. The air supply unit helps circulate clean air through provided filters making it easier to breath and to avoid airborne toxic pollutants. The air supply system allows users to safely and securely receive fluid intake while breathing in clean oxygen. This gas mask air supply system is intended to protect the respiratory system against exposure to nuclear, chemical, or biological airborne pollutants. This air supply system helps the airflow when breathing in any type of chemically exposed environment; this air supply unit is ideal for kids and elderly users. This air supply unit assures optimal performance complying with all IDF specifications. The respiratory breathing system is also compact and reliable; it maintains positive pressure in exposed chemical environments. This air supply unit is compatible with protective gear such as the Israeli gas mask or the M15 gas mask. This respiratory unit can also be adjusted to connect with hydration canteens and NATO filters to ensure optimal performance in any chemically effective area. This air system is durable and sustainable in various climates and chemically exposed environments. Air circulation continues to productively supply clean air to the gas mask user while if applied with a gas mask filter can continue to produce oxygen. This air supply system is designed for civilian use and intended for mature users.

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