Gas Mask Hose M42E1

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The black gas mask hose is flexible and easily connects with a 40mm sealed NATO standard filter. When connected to a filter cartridge these top quality hoses circulate clean oxygen without risking exposure to airborne nuclear, biological, or chemical agents. This flexible gas mask hose makes it safe and secure for the user to breathe in purified air. The gas mask hose allows easier mobility and securely stays attached to appropriate filters. The gas mask hose is 15 inches long and can be connected with another hose to create a longer air purification system. This gas mask hose fits properly with various gas masks such as the Israeli adult gas mask with filter. The Israeli adult gas mask with hose is a lightweight, and specially designed for extended use with superior comfort, secure fit, and low breathing resistance. When hose is also paired with the NATO filter/Type 80 durable canister it becomes it contributes to directly purifying the users air. Although the gas mask hose can be connected with various gas masks, filters, and hydration canteens these items are sold separately. Customers who purchase the gas mask hose will only receive one hose.

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