Gas mask Replacement Filter

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  • Suitable to all Israeli Gas masks, and other chemical protective gear such as Bardas, Shmartaf, M-15 and others.
  • filters has been tested to comply with rigorous Military specifications.
  • According to the manufacturer this filter has been perform gas-life tests (cyanogens chloride, DMMP, chloropicrin, phosgene, HCN) on charcoal samples from each drum and on completed canisters sampled from each production lot.

Product Description

Weight: 228 g (w/o caps) Diameter: 106 mm Height: 75 mm Air flow resistance: 14 mm water gauge at a flow of 30 lpm Aerosol penetration: <0.01% CK gas life: 100 minutes (at a flow of 30 lpm and inlet concentration of 2.4 mg/lt) DMMP gas life: 250 minutes (at a flow of 30 lpm and inlet concentration of 3.0 mg/lt) Charcoal: ASC 12x30 complying with Mil-C-13724D Filter medium: Glass fibre HEPA media complying with ASME AG-1 Section FC-1 Quotation/Info. NBC FILTER CANISTER TYPE 80 Description The Type 80 filter canister was developed for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to provide protection against all known NBC agents in the form of vapours and aerosols. It is supplied as an integral part of all Shalon's personal respiratory protection systems. The Type 80 is a robust durable canister intended for military and civil defense use. It is specially designed for comfort and extended use at a minimal physiological load, having low breathing resistance and low weight. Its design assures optimal performance complying with all IDF specifications as well as the performance requirements of the American Army C2 filter canister. The filter is supplied with a standard Nato thread (40 mm x 1/7") and is thus compatible with almost all military and industrial respirators. The Type 80 filters are supplied sealed with leak-proof plastic caps, assuring a shelf life exceeding 15 years.

* Although these Gas Masks and Filters have never been used, R.D.D USA acts as a 3rd party distributor and can not be held responsible for the level of protection these Gas Masks and Filters provide. The Gas Masks and Filters are sold as is.*
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