Gas Mask Soviet Russian Model GP-5 w/ Cloth Shoulder Carrying Bag

SKU GM10102
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These are High-quality civilian gas masks GP-5, designed to protect from nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) agents. *Includes: Gas Mask, Cloth Bag and Filter These protective masks are intended to protect the respiratory organs, face and eyes from the effects of toxic agents, radioactive dust and bacteriological aerosols. Manufacturer Seller does not offer any warranty or guarantee to the effectiveness of all gas masks/filters sold due to the age of the product. It is sold as Military Surplus and Can NOT be exported outside the USA. Measurements for proper sizing of Gas Mask are made around the head, chin and cheeks as in the image supplied. Small is for less than 24.8 inches in size. Medium is for between 25 - 25.8 inches in size. Large is for between 26 - 26.8 inches in size. Extra Large is for between 27 and 27.8 inches (might work for larger but this is not guaranteed) in size. You generally want this mask to fit tightly so as to exclude any outside air from entering around the rim. However they tend to fit smaller than they are.
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