Gas Masks for Life or Death Situations

Humans need a lot of things to keep themselves alive; the bare minimums are food, water, and oxygen. Yet even among these necessities there is a hierarchy; a person can go days without food and water, but only minutes without air. When we think about self defense, we often only think about hand to hand fighting. But there are many ways for you to be harmed, and an attack on the air you breath is one of the most lethal and decisive attacks of them all.

Gas masks are designed to protect the wearer from the threat of a biological or chemical attack. They are more generically known as respirators and come in several forms. The most basic type of gas mask is called the half-mask air purifying respirator which pulls air through a filter as you breath.

It is important to remember that your lungs are not the only entrance point for harmful materials. The eyes are not only sensitive to chemicals, but also offer a doorway to the body for bacteria and viruses. Because of this, you may want a mask that offers combined eye and lung protection. Units that offer eye protection are called full face respirators. They generally fit over the head and have clear eye pieces to maintain seeing capabilities.

Getting even more advanced, the supplied air respirator has a battery operated fan to force air through the filter and into the mask. This means that the person's own lung power does not pull the air through the filter. A unit such as this is perfect for anyone with weak respiratory capabilities and can be used for small children , infants , and even pets.

Finally, there is the self contained breathing apparatus system. This is the gas mask that has the wearer carry a tank on their back. Gas masks such as these are designed for short term wear of up to an hour because they actually do not filter outside air, but rather provide clean, packaged air from the tank.

Having a supply of gas masks in your home will offer extra security for you and your family. These items are in high demand, and are quick to disappear in times of national crisis. Do not wait until the attack has happened because it will be too late. Protect those you love today, to guarantee that there will be a happy tomorrow.

Although many merchants carry gas masks, not all models are created equally. Consumers have been exploited by purchasing poor quality items, used filters, and leaky masks. This is one purchase, where good quality is a matte of life and death. Ensure that you are getting the best item possible, by dealing only with reputable merchants who have proven their dedication to customer satisfaction.

A great place to start is with . This company offers a wide variety of items, including several models of gas masks and provides consumers with education on self protection. In addition to the online resources, D&G Wholesale supplies its customers with personal attention to help ensure that they receive the self defense item that perfectly suits their needs.
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