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The Russian child gas mask PDF-D with filter and bag is designed for ages seven to fifteen. The Russian child gas mask can be used with a small filter canister or a full sized GP-5 filter. The PDF-D gas Mask is made in several sizes. The gas mask is made out of rubber and comes in gray. The Russian child gas mask comes with filter and bag and was designed originally for nuclear, biological, chemical warfare protection. The gas mask is designed for the general population, this mask is very simple to use and is intended for mature civilian use. These gas mask protect the eyes, face and respiratory system against classified NBC agents. The Russian child gas mask PDF-D is lightweight, and designed for extended use with superior comfort, secure fit, and low breathing resistance. This gas mask also comes with a carrier bag. Although these protective coverings have been specially designed to protect the eyes, face, and respiratory system from toxic agents they can also be utilized as costume for themed parties and much more.

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