German M-65 Gas Mask

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The German M-65 gas mask is a high quality military gas mask. It features large triangular eye pieces for superior vision, and a voicemitter for clear and effective verbal communication. The German M-65 gas mask also has an upgraded exhalation valve for easier breathing, and a drinking tube that is compatible with the Israeli G.I. canteen. These gas mask protect the eyes, face and respiratory system against classified nuclear, biological, and chemical agents. The German M-65 gas mask design offers optimum comfort and fit, while causing minimal interference with day to day physical activities. This gas mask is designed for mature users and intended for civilian use. The German gas mask is lightweight, and its special upgraded design was made for extended use with superior comfort, secure fit, and low breathing resistance. This gas mask intends to offers a high level of protection for mature users. This protective respiratory system provides full facial coverage with dual eye openings for a clear view. The German gas mask is intended for mature users to offer protection from NBC airborne agents. These gas mask not only provide protection against chemical pollutants it can also be used as a costume for parties.

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