U.S. G.I. M-65 Field Jacket

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U.S. G.I. M-65 Field Jacket Description:

The U.S. G.I. M-65 field jacket is a popular field jacket designed for the U.S. army. It was introduced into U.S. military service in 1965 to replace the M-1951 field jacket. The M-65 field jacket was widely used by the United States troops during the Vietnam War in which the jacket became useful for troops serving in the central highlands of south Vietnam. The front of the jacket has two large hip pockets. It has two medium sized breast pockets. The rearmost neck portion and collar of the jacket features a zipper which houses a protective hood. The jacket can be combined with a button insulated lining for cold weather wear. It is woodland camouflage color. They are available in used good condition.

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