M-15 Gas Mask with Nato Filter and Air Supply Unit

SKU GM50031
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This offer includes a M-15 gas mask equipped with one sealed NATO filter and one air supply unit. These products were manufactured according to strict military specifications. The M-15 gas mask is lightweight with a comfortable secure fit and low breathing resistance. This M-15 gas mask and NATO filter has a design that offers optimum comfort and security. This protective face-mask causes minimal interference with day to day activities. The M-15 gas mask has a shelf life exceeding 20 years. This gas mask is designed for mature users as well as intended for civilian use. The 40mm sealed NATO standard filter directly purifies the air that the user will be breathing in. The air supply unit that is included in this gas mask offer helps to supply clean air through the provided filter making it easier to breath and avoid airborne toxic pollutants. This air supply unit helps the airflow when breathing in any type of chemically exposed environment; it also maintains positive pressure within all civilian NBC protective systems. The air supply unit is also ideal for kids and elderly users.

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