M-15 Gas Mask

M15 Gas Mask : Shalon Chemical Industries’ military respirators are the standard official Israel Defense Forces (IDF) NBC respirators.

They are intended for military and police personnel, providing eye, face and respiratory protection against all known NBC agents. Their design affords optimum comfort and fit, while causing minimal interference with performance of required military drills as tactical movement, employment of weapons, and effective communication.

Lightweight, with a comfortable secure fit and low breathing resistance.
Specially formulated rubber material for high resistance to NBC agents, superior comfort and durability (proven shelf-life of 20 years).
Three overlapping face-piece sizes assuring reliable fit for over 98% of mature male and female users.
Uniquely designed peripheral sealing lip assuring excellent fit.
Impact resistant cylindrical plastic lenses with wide field of vision.
Nato standard 40 mm threaded filter canister housing.
Five-strap highly elastic headharness equipped with quick release simply adjusted buckles for quick and easy donning.
Central voicemitter providing clear effective communication.
Drinking system with safety connections for safe drinking in contaminated environments providing extra comfort and extended wear in hot climates and during vigorous drills or exercises. Compatible with military canteen threads.
The M15 Gas Mask comes with a new sealed 40mm standard thread filter that will last up to 8 hours depending on level of contamination.
The large lenses are great for easy target acquisition and the mask is fully adjustable.
Universal drinking tube/straw (water bottle/canteen not included) that will work with any water bottle or canteen.
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