Small Israeli Gas Mask With Two Filter 4A1Child

SKU GM101006
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This Youth Gas Mask is manufactured of soft rubber and fits comfortable and easily defending the Face, eyes and respiratory system against various Nuclear, chemical, biological agents ( NBC). The youth gas mask is made for an 8 years old child and older. For younger kids and infants Check Out The BARDAS SYSTEM AND BABY PRO. These original 2 types of Israeli Gas Mask designed for fast and easy donning in an event of emergency. Israeli civilian Gas Masks and M-15 Military Gas masks have large impact resistant Plexiglas eyehole for wide field of view. In addition. Each gas mask Includes drinking system. * Although these Gas Masks and Filters have never been used, R.D.D USA acts as a 3rd party distributor and can not be held responsible for the level of protection these Gas Masks and Filters provide. The Gas Masks and Filters are sold as is.*
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