Army Tents. A Shelter for life

Army Tents. A Shelter for life.

One of the keys to the popularity of military tents are the high standards and reliability they offer to the user. Their ability to withstood a variety of weather conditions, even when using them on daily basis. The tents that are ordered by the Army, are usually with more rigorous specifications than the usual commercial tent.

The Specification for the Army Tents are formed by JOCOTAS - Join Comitee on Tactical Shelters, authorized by the DOD, to set the standard and approve the tactical shelters for operational use. The Military tent production is taking into consideration the geographical terrain, weather conditions, deployment requirements,visibility, these and other, are all aspects in the making of the Army tent.
For example the Arctic tent liner differ in the requirements from the Temper tent one, which is lighter and thinner. A different example on how the specifications are effected by the need to meet current requirement, is the evolution of the GP Medium pole tent to its newer model replaced by the Modular GP Modular tent ( also known as MGPTS) ) type IV to allow extension in a similar way that the temper tent allows. Finally, the MGPTS type III is offering a free span structure, which allows better mobility and space usage inside the Army shelter.

The Rapid Deployable System Army tents was developed for the US military as a rapidly deployable and tactical use shelter that enhances modularity, ease of use , operational usefulness,robustness, and the capacity to get connected to vehicles and like shelters.

The Rapid Deployment Shelters are today's most advanced Military tents available in the market and the various models of Base-X, Drash and RDS are being in current use of the US Army, and they are also
accessible to the general public in the Military Surplus Market. .

In summary, Military tents varies in their performance and design to serve the
right requirement of a certain Military unit. Military tents are stronger , than most of the commercial tents thanks to the high standard and the strict specs that tents manufacturer are comitted to. Although an initially very high price tag ( A new 18'x36' ft MGPTS can reach the $18,000) the Army Surplus Tent market gives an opportunity to purchase them in a good condition for a couple of thousands only, and getting a tent for life.
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